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City apartments to fill a number of uses for individuals or groups. Locations throughout the beating heart of Barcelona. Wake up to Mediterranean morning on a balcony viewing some of Europe's most famous landmarks taking in the warm summer breeze.

Apartments in Barcelona

Our comprehensive database is compiled from the large selection of exquisite accommodation available in answer to your Catalonian comfort. Rural, city, beach and mountainous locations catering for a range of personal and private expectations. Including leading accommodation at each class level. Providing the experience to locate clients confidently and accurately creating the closest possible feeling of a natural home from home. Listed property personally checked with location in mind of business or leisure schedule. Contact an advisor with a brief layout of requirements and receive a price sensitive, location considerate quote.

Beach and rural villas in Catalonia

Private Cottage rental, farmhouses, villas, beach houses, vineyards. Isolated Catalonian settings on offer for your pleasure. Arrange to be present during a local festival or harvest in the midst of fresh country air and rural charms. Relaxing on a digital detox.   

Hotel Domus Selecta Monestir Sant Marçal  Camping in Barcelona and Catalonia


A warm Mediterranean sky above your head in a serene natural setting. A range of outdoor activities on hand to entertain the family. Pick from a choice of park residencies on hire. Including modern amenities locally on site.  Made to fit all camping requirements.


In answer to your comfort we can afford to deliver choice and high standard hotels regardless of budget and individual preference. Ranging from student offers to the finest five star grand luxury establishments available within the beautiful region of Catalonia.

Hotel Ciutadella Barcelona

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