Extreme sport activities in Barcelona and Catalonia

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Extreme sport activities

Rugged terrain rising from sea to mountain provides adventure scenarios in both winter and summer seasons. Recapture the essence of excitement in a controlled arena. Rise up to the challenges on a head on collision course

with team triumph.

Climbing in Catalonia and Barcelona


Lleidas Prepirineo range provides a challenging climb with rugged natural peaks reaching to heights of over 2000 meters. Challenges for hardened climbers and softer routes for novices. Great incentive team building activity. Includes equipment hire if required.

Scuba Diving costa brava and Catalonia

Scuba diving

The clear blue seas of the Costa Brava contain a vast array of marine life, with countless species on view .Encounter natural Coral landscape plus exclusive opportunities for amazing underwater photography. Complete a full day under the Mediterranean sea scuba diving.

Motocross in Barcelona and Catalonia


Tear through the rough terrain of Catalonia on a choice of professional tracks suitable for all levels of ability. A full day of riding including transport bike and equipment hire. Plus a lunch menu to accompany an energetic petrol filled extreme experience.

Rafting in Catalonia and Barcelona


A nice boat ride in the scenic province of Lleida except for one fact, it is down the side of a mountain. Rapid reactions required plus a high degree of team coordination on a full day of exhilaration and adventure. Including catering, transport and equipment hire.

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