Hot air Balloon and Helicopter Tours in Barcelona

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Hot air Balloon & Helicopter Tours

View the Iberian peninsula from above with a doves eye view of Catalonia’s rugged natural landscape. Map the contours and features of Catalonia and Barcelona from the clouds dinning on luxury organic local food and wine

whilst capturing amazing photographs.

Hot air balloon tours in Barcelona and Catalonia

Helicopter tours

Ultra modern route covering the key points of Barcelona with a no nonsense approach. Fly above the traffic capturing photos of the landmarks from the sky accompanied by knowledgeable city expert. Birds eye view well worth the price tag.

Hot air balloon tours in Barcelona and Catalonia

Hot air Balloon Tours

The ultimate 360° tour of Catalonia. Float through the clear blue sky’s of the Mediterranean in view of the Pyrenees capturing views others miss with unique photo opportunities. Tour includes luxury picnic catering containing local organic food and wine.

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