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Traditional Catalan cuisine & local produce

Olive Oil Tasting

Olives produced from trees that have existed for over 2000 years are harvested once a year to produce the finest variety's of  do registered virgin olive oil. Step back into the history of olive oils fine flavours. An experience designed with organic taste in mind.

Olive Oil in Barcelona

© Jessica Spengler

Craft Beer Tasting

Brewpubs and micro brewery’s are making news all over the world and the Catalonian brew scene is no exception. Trendy city haunts designed to open the taste buds to new craft concoctions. Plus Castilian craft micro brewery visits and tasting sessions.  

Craft Beer Tasting in Barcelona

© Neil Turner

Traditional Cured Meats

Jamon Iberico, fuet, bisbe and chorizo have been part of a stable Mediterranean diet for centaury's. Taste deep dark cured flavours first hand. Book a professional carver, take a visit to a farm or venture out on a vintage market trip in rural Catalonia.  

Traditional Cured Meats in Barcelona

Follow the flight and indeed fight of the bumblebee. On a tour of the grounds of the keepers who tend their natural flora and fauna. Each flower delivering its own special variety of natures golden syrup. An ancient art and vital part of our incredibly tasty eco system.

Honey and Codonyat Tasting

Honey Tasting in Barcelona

© Vicky Brock

The Catalonian cheese board represents itself  strongly in the European market. Including the pungent flavours and crisp finishes of garrotxa, serrat-gros. And from the province of Lleida toudes tillers made of the freshest sourced raw cows milk.

Cheese Tasting

Cheese Tasting in Barcelona

© Graeme Maclean

Fortified Wine Tasting

The original reason for fortified wine was to preserve it making it both sweeter and stronger. Currently experiencing a revival. We provide the opportunity to explore the natural production methods of brandy. vermouth, port and vintage sherry.

Fortified Wine in Barcelona

© Michal Osmenda

Chocolate Tasting

Apart from Sant Sadurni’s natural beauty it is famous for two important products namely Catalan (Spanish) Cava (sparkling wine) and imported cacao (chocolate) which are still processed in the traditional ways they were upon arrival in the year of 1840.

Chocolate Tasting in Barcelona

© Tim Sackton

Bread & Pastry

The smell of fresh sweet and savoury pastry’s fill the air. A tour encountering traditional recipes including coca, xuixo, chorros and the Spanish version of toast Pa amb tomàquet  presented by the traditional local bakers and indeed bakeries that supply Catalonia.

Pan con tomate

© yosoynuts

Organic Fruit tasting

Hand picked fresh ripe fruit and vegetables farmed in the Catalonian sunshine. Feel the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet. A tour and taste experience in the heart of regional farming communities. Encountering the freshest local organic produce.

La boqueria market Fruit tasting Barcelona

© Sean Winters


A favourite Catalan confectionary turron dates back to around the fithteenth century. Turrón (nougat) is still produced in the time old manor for religious festivities all over the world. Take a tour of production sampling the various delicious colours and flavours.  

Turron tasting Barcelona

© Lablascovegmenu


Fish has always been plenty in the harbours of Barcelona the only problem preservation. Naturally over the years cured fish became a speciality bacallá (died cod) gives local dishes  a unique flavour. An individual tapas tasting experience.  

Bacalla Fish tasting in Barcelona

©Jennifer Woodard Maderazo


Currently expanding into a worldwide audience the renowned botifarra (Catalan sausage) comes in traditional variety's including recipes created solely for seasonal festivities. A flavour filed tasting tour dedicated to sausage and the consumption of sausage.   

Botifarra Spanish sausage tasting

© Rafel Miro

Picnics & Catering

A promise to provide food in any legitimate and available location. Mountain top menus,  onboard banquets, fully organised special occasions and events. Including intimate venues and large structural host spaces. Depending on budget.

Picnic and Catering in Barcelona

Restaurant reservation

Recommendations if required plus full service insured. Remove the guess work out of selecting the right host venue. Provided and guaranteed by us, a smoothly run evening with regard to taste, budget and location. Covering both traditional and modern cuisines.

Restaurant reseravations in Barcelona

Cooking class

The day begins with a trip to a famous Barcelona market where a selection of  the freshest Mediterranean ingredients become the first task. Then enter the kitchen of a professional Mediterranean chef  for a insightful lesson on traditional local cuisine.

Cooking classes in Barcelona

From 99 € p.p.

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