Apartments in and around Barcelona

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Apartments Barcelona

City apartments to fill a number of uses for individuals or groups. Locations throughout the beating heart of Barcelona. Wake up to Mediterranean morning on a balcony viewing some of Europe’s most famous landmarks taking

in the warm summer breeze.

Family apartments in Barcelona

Family Apartments

Child safe apartments in conveniently placed locations easily accessible for prams and other necessary child rearing equipment. Other services can be arranged upon request with the outcome of you taking as much relaxation as possible from the break.

Romantic Apartments in Barcelona

Romantic Apartments

Cosy candle lit quarters in the beating heart of Catalonia. Create the mood for love capturing the moment forever among the medieval fairytale monuments of the urban beach metropolis. From the comfort of an accessible modern local apartment.

Small group apartments in Barcelona

Small Group Apartments

Adult apartments for young friends and senior family members provide a firm base for multiple guests. Including the privacy of home plus all modern design comforts. Consideration for age with regards to stairs and location .A strong alternative to hotel services for groups.

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