Formula 1 and Moto GP at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

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Formula 1 & Moto GP

The roar of the engine the smell of simmering tires the thrill of the chequered flag, get ready, set, go, for two of the biggest events in the race calendar, featured on the technical track of the circuit de Catalonia Barcelona

the competition unfolds first hand from the stands. Join us for the ride, but make sure you book early to avoid disappointment, as these are very popular motorsport events as my regular petrol heads will confirm, are buzzing with fans. full qualification ticket options and standard race tickets available, why not make a holiday of it if you’re an international traveler and let us plan a few other European adventures to make it a trip of a lifetime.

Formula 1 in Barcelona

Formula 1 Package

Engines rev up once again for Formula One Spanish Grand Prix 2019 not sure who the winner of 2018 is quite yet as we haven't finished though I predict Lewis Hamilton, we shall see, no tickets available as of now. If you want to catch the worlds fasted drivers 2019 the time is now, take pole position and view the podium from a prime spot.

Moto GP in Barcelona

Motor GP Package

Experience the thrills and spills of the quick track as the two-wheeled mechanical bullets fight for supremacy on the hot tarmac, a definite date for the sporting calendar. Full tailored packages to accompany your journey including some of my personal favorite gear junky exhibitions and perhaps some first-person action if you dare.

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