Golf in Catalonia

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Golf in Catalonia

Catalonia has some of the finest fairweather fairways in Europe, and if you’re looking to spectate at a Spanish open round we are more than happy to oblige, not much for spectating? prefer participation?, why not enroll

in a PGA registered class designed to improve handicap or play 18 holes of a well-manicured surface best suited to your ability. The warm evenings champion victory at our modern Mediterranean clubs with inclusive seasonal resort packages, equipment, buggy hire, plus EGA certification and event registration assistance, if you wish to play the finer courses available we can contact your home club for verification or if indeed necessary provide a pro golfer to assist you.

Hotel Barcelona Golf Resort

Golf Resorts

Exclusive real estate and undulating courses complete the mood as you caress with finesse toward the pin, watch a world number one in action at the Spanish open, or just enjoy the luxury services at one of our sublime courses such as the PGA Catalunya. Consult for competitive pricing and buy individually tailored golfing products.

Golf and Pitch n Putt in Barcelona

Pitch & Putt

Play pitch and putt over 18 holes all less than 70 meters from the flag, the weapons of choice are the formidable one Iron and the trusty putter. Takes approximately 80 minutes to complete the shortened version of golf, just as fun as hitting the actual fairway.

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