Sporting group activites in Barcelona and Catalonia

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Sporting group activites

Team activities for friends or business party’s a wide selection of options indoor and out. Test your ability against the group or colleagues with access to the latest and classic trending activities. If not advertised

on the page our rivals are unaware. Just ask it.

5-a-side in Barcelona


Barcelona 5-a-side football. Possibly on a ground where some of the top homegrown stars of the past and the future have come for a kick about with friends. Top quality astroturf pitches and a referee to call the game plus half time refreshments and guided transfer.

Archery in Barcelona


A former medieval hunting and combat weapon now used in the Modern form for competitive sport. The skill of archery requires a steady hand and a keen eye. Compete in a tournament against colleagues or friends to find out whoshoots the straightest arrow.

Dragon Boat Team building Barcelona

Dragon Boat

Feel the beat of the drum as you roll along the river canal a place competed upon by Olympic champions from around the world in the 1992 Barcelona Games. Row to victory in a symbolic Chinese dragon boat on a full day of competitive team building exercise.

Horse riding in Barcelona

Horse riding

Guided horseback trials around the Catalan wilderness of nature Park Montnegre. Inhale the fresh country air on a guided Equestrian tour with young family or groups of friends. An excellent outdoor activity for the warm climate. Full catering and party’s upon request.

Human Table Football in Barcelona

Human Table Football

Twelve players make up the two teams in human table football a game that will make you appreciate the little wooden players effort in the local bar. Large tournaments arranged including cup presentation ceremonies and full catering options upon request.

Karting in Barcelona

Indoor & Outdoor Karting

Weave in and out of the tight technical corners in a choice of indoor or outdoor Catalonian racetracks. Cross the checkered line ahead of the pack on a mini grand prix on a exhilarating competitive group experience. Full circuit hire and catering on request.

Paintball in Barcelona and Catalonia

Indoor & Outdoor Paintball

Lock and load for a strategic awayday facing your enemies in the heat of the battle with a selection of war scenarios. Navigate the troops to complete the tasks and lead your team to victory in a action experience played out over the rugged Catalonian Terrain.

Quad Biking in Barcelona

Quad Biking

A trek through the rugged terrain of Catalonia assisted by the power of quad bike. Ride the mountainous dirt paths guide accompanied. Cross fresh water streams including the backdrop of stunning 360° views on a fast and furious Mediterranean quad adventure.

Treetop and Highrope Sport in Barcelona

Treetop and High rope Adventure

Suspended high in the sky from a labyrinth of ropes, nets, cables, bridges and zip wires. A full day treetop high rope adventure. Keep the senses alert, manoeuvring the team from tree to tree. Encounter different challenges and training scenarios.

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