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Qualified incentive destination management consultants with the experience to construct relevant programs in a format suited to the theme. We open doors beyond and above the call of duty, providing the confidence, …

experience, and knowledge expected in the deliverance of a licensed finished European beach city package enduring of client expectation. Elusive networked contacts earned through dedication and hard work allow us to provide unseen discretional options and innovative motivational awayday product designed to enhance team cooperativeness and critical performance. A Guarantee to unrestricted access within the exclusive venues offered by the urban beach metropolis of Barcelona with the added behind the display feeling released of its hiding amongst Barcelona’s most touristic attractions. Contact for further consultation, licensed and bonded to your service.

Business events in Barcelona

Corperate Event Planning

Strategy evolves, marketing objectives move in all directions, consider the event goals in preparation, discuss the possible, study all options, let partnership forge a vision for the operation of Barcelona as a corporate destination. The weather is right in a city well-versed in an arrangement, the awareness on arrival of a feeling well-rehearsed, charity fundraisers, award ceremonies, team bonding, motivate your personnel, rely on logistical precision and stress-free movements. Knowledgeable service at each step, we manage creative minds Catalonia is our resource, innovation from inception, longevity post-realization, transparent financially. Rewarding non-cash incentive programs remembered and relived in a future moment; productivity rewards itself. Email specification to event management journey team to open the discussion.

Gala Dinner in Barcelona

Gala Dinners

Veneered beneath modern gothic scenery in the Barcelona places most visited, our European beachfront treasure is the resourceful megalopolis of a thousand characteristics. Astounding venue finding inline to our black book of surging avant-garde cabaret for on themed on-trend mysteriously glamoured gala events in the constant companionship of the high-grade climate offered by the fashionable Mediterranean European host city. Competitive food and service industry varied as the works of Gaudi award profoundly provocative, and often Michelin starred cookery in diverse unconventional banqueting venues well-versed in the various scripts of another delightfully executed event in our company.

Meetings and Conventions

Meetings & Conventions

Worldwide ranking, of course, the beaches and the business side by side, we are not fooled by the Mediterranean atmosphere as thousands descend for convention each Barcelona calendar year. icMRE to ITMC meeting criteria for tourism data and statistical record internationally in a city known for the right thing. A draw of the exhibition including the fantastically costumed ComicCon to the professional MobileWorld display of interconnectional intercontinental technological services via a round of golf or coffee-breaks in-between demonstration of robotic arms or new media solutions in the calm frictionless fashion provided once connections established to email or attendant.

Business events in Barcelona

Product launch

Broadcast a charactered stage production unboxing confidently via a practiced transparent toolbox of itemized instruments personally sharpened on twelve-years post-qualification exposure beyond the green door. Well-documented spacing in inspired indoor-outdoor classic grandeur and contemporary reflection hatched on a cross-section of the most exceptionally diverse land of Europe to provide television-style practical scenarios in hot Mediterranean property selections extending coast to mount. Shape a Barcelona plan of action suitably magnifiable to the spotlit perception of wanted service or product in assured connectivity toward the professionally motivated operation seeking a competent introduction to the fluid movement of Barcelona network and resource.

Venue finding in Barcelona

Venue finding in Barcelona

Take advantage of fitting environments representative to the chronicled city of reinvention presented in conjunction with eloquent expressions of indulgent European Mediterranean service practice, design brand articulation in tasteful scenarios with afforded professional trimmings exercised, and accompanied at a level comfortable to suit both the self-driving and the self-driven. National treasures, conference foci, and a side of the quirky off-center served on a sunny base of profound Mediterranean technicolor. A qualified consultation team awaits the liberation of often-overlooked advantages willing to open suitable situations with firsthand trusted reviews harvested in frontline service to the province of Barcelona.

Team Building workshops

Challenge based programs designed to impose synergetic harmony, emphatic tasks born of success professionally cleared and executed by our most trusted vetted partners. Choose? How far you prepared? survival-based

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