Team Building workshops in Barcelona

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Team Building workshops

Challenge based programs designed to impose the elements of synergy. A selection of tasks born from the notion of success. Incentive survival based tasks, cooperative challenges and strategic puzzles. Providing purpose

and play in line with away day planning.

Barcelona Sailing Regatta

Barcelona Sailing Regatta

Learn the basics of sailing in an exclusive sail club, before competing in a captain assisted race through the Mediterranean sea. An incentive activity, that puts you firmly in control of the natural elements, Combining water wind and raw human adrenaline.

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

Barcelona Treasure Hunt

Discover the medieval city on a highly interactive and adventurous incentive treasure hunt involving the answering of questions and solving of cryptic clues regarding the city. Gain the answers guide the team to win the game in a race across Barcelona’s landscape.

Beach Games in Barcelona

Beach Games

Change the environment change the moral. Build a team. A team of professional beach bums. Prove the incentive to take a team to the top on any terms. Build and race sandy buggies, water build race competition. Accompanied by beach BBQ’s.

Gaudi Style Mosaic Making activity in Barcelona

Gaudi-Style Mosaic Making Activity

A historical lesson on the art of mosaic making begins the day in the city of transformation incentive tips used in practice by the great master Antoni Gaudi. Then the teams chance to create a master work in emblem or company motto form. Start thinking.

Giant Painting activity in Barcelona

Giant Painting Activity

The very individual art of painting combined with team work. Can you improve with incentive intent or will your creation look like something you told your four year old was great before proudly hanging it on the fridge. Meets messi team building challenge activity.

Human Tower Building Barcelona

Human Tower Building

Dating back to 18th century. A UNSECO world heritage tradition. The art of “castell” or human tower castle building requires strength,balance, steady nerve and full cooperation. Great incentive experience providing a tangible sense of achievement.

Murder Mystery Games in Barcelona

Murder Mystery Games

Who done it, did it, thought it or funk it. Incentive forensic fun follows unfolding and involving Barcelona in a top notch 1920s movie style gangster mystery murder experience. Solve the clues and locate stand out costumed period characters on the mean city streets.

Paella cooking in Barcelona

Paella Cooking Contest

An incentive cooking competition which will find you asking yourself weather you have got what it takes to Become a master chef. Enjoyable culinary based contest designed to improve coordination skills by testing them in a pressure cooker situation.

Raft Building and Racing activity in Barcelona

Raft Building & Racing Activity

The original start to finish incentive project. Basic premise there is a river, it needs crossing and there’s no boat. Fully instructed team effort submit designs create a raft then either sail off into the horizon or sink like a brick. Excellent day out highly competitive.

Tactical games in Barcelona

Tactical Games in Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona are your board. Protecting your key master the incentive. Real time tactical experience. Equipment includes binoculars, walkie-talkies, map, tracking device. Hi tech entertainment. Plus famous Catalonian landmarks.

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