City tours in Barcelona

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Innovative 360° surround sound city experiences tailored toward client interest. Explore the city of transformation and discover an array of visual and thought provoking exhibits, each regarding the trials and

tribulations of the former roman colony, once named Barcino. Take advantage of a modern or historical trial, including a choice of topics presented first hand by a licensed city guide, on a city tour of the urban beach metropolis of Barcelona famous for its continuing transformations. Conducted from a range of licensed transport modes and methods, including modern alternative vehicles and classic tour transport, planned menus and alternative catering options on request.

Antoni Gaudi Tour in Barcelona

Creator of seven sites of UNESCO world heritage “gods architect” and the leader of Catalan modernism Antoni Gaudi began his life in 1852 in the small town of Reus. A leader in the search for national identity his presence

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Barcelona Movie Tours

A biutiful (2010) filming location beautifully animated in celluloid throughout the eons. Its key characters made up of world famous stars, who have graced our screens delivering faultless performances in many epic pictures.

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Bike Tours in Barcelona

The cleanest way to get around the city. Go out on your own or in a guided group and see the famous landmarks of Barcelona on a bike or electric bike tour. The latest trend in bicycling. For a carbon neutral tour

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Express Tour in Barcelona

Understand the ever changing face of Barcelona on a photo opportunists tour covering nine destinations located within the urban beach metropolis. Capture the essential pictures to the soundtrack of direct overview presented

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Go Car Tours in Barcelona

The GPS guided navigation system lets you take control of the tour in a two person talking go car. See the sights of Barcelona with an audio accompanied guide including a range of different tour options available

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Industrial Tour in Barcelona

The 19th century raw materials arrived from the new world and Barcelona’s hardworking population embraced the industrial revolution. Prolific times that brought of economic and artistic growth. Join us on a full days tour accompanied

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Modern Architecture and City development Tour in Barcelona

View Important modern structures key to the city’s growth each representing an idea or event played out on the stage of urban transformation. Half day tour accompanied by licensed city guide featuring the tech capital @22

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Public Tours in Barcelona

A selection of fun outings in comfortable buses taking you to popular destinations in Catalonia and Barcelona. Tour around town and enjoy some culture or check out the local shopping areas

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Segway tours in Barcelona

Get around Barcelona on a two wheeled self balanced battery powered vehicle permitted into walking areas. A great way to take the legwork out of the city whilst still getting to view less accessible sights

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Urban Green Tour in Barcelona

Start the first half of the day under the fresh Mediterranean sky peddling upon one of the newest and most economical ways to get around the city on an accompanied electric bicycle tour of Barcelona. A mean green machine

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Walking Tours in Barcelona

Car free city tours to the transport less areas of Barcelona. Access streets built without traffic in mind reliving a simpler time on a two hour informal tour through the gothic quarter of the urban beach metropolis.

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