Excursions in Catalonia

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A relatively compact Spanish region covering an area of 32000 square kilometres means exploring a good proportion of the different provinces of Catalonia is entirely possible regardless of length of stay. Take the time

to explore local culture away from the urban sounds of the industrial metropolis enjoying a pace a little more leisurely. All accompanied by envious views, be it from a natural park, wandering into an exhibition space in an art gallery or perhaps searching for local information on historical city tour thoughtfully presented to interestingly represent a proud national heritage.

Andorra Tours in Catalonia

The sixth smallest nation in Europe. The micro state of Andorra with its alpine climate provides fun on the slopes in the winter and a warm continental summer ideal for Nordic walking. On average Andorra is privileged

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Cardona Tours in Catalonia

Once home to one of the most important potassium salt mines in the world the old town of Cardona has origins dating back to the 11th century. A Spanish heritage site containing jewels of the Catalan Lombard Romanesque

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Cava and Chocolate Tour in Catalonia

An essential for pleasure enthusiasts awaits in the world renowned region of Penedès. A centre for the finer things in life Penedès provides the chance to combine the ancient art of chocolate with Catalonia’s increasingly

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Figueres and Girona Tour in Catalonia

Tracing it’s early Iberian origins to around the time of 2nd century BC the province of Girona is an architectural treasure worthy of Indiana Jones. Visit eight main structures presented for your viewing pleasure on a

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Montseny Tours in Catalonia

A UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1978. Certified by the European charter of sustainable tourism. Montseny massif located just south of the Pyrenees mountain range is set in rugged natural Mediterranean wilderness perfect

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Montserrat Tours in Catalonia

The mountain of Monserrat at 1236 meters is literally an uplifting experience. Declared a nature reserve in 1987. Opening your self up to observation is the key to reaching the dizzy heights as you begin a beautiful

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Pyrenees Tours in Catalonia

Take a trip high into the Spanish Pyrenees accompanied by a licensed historian on hand to explain the origins of the typical rural mountain villages you will encounter. Breathtaking views all round at almost 3,000 m high

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Salvador Dali Tour in Catalonia

Growing up in Catalonia during the civil war Salvador Dalis extraordinary art took shape mainly in the form of surrealism. Tour provides a chance to Lose yourself in the works of eccentric genius Salvador Dali. Walk the

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Sitges Tours in Catalonia

A former fishing village Sitges is located on the east coast of the Iberian peninsula about thirty five kilometres south west of Barcelona. World renowned for its film festival and local carnival. Sitges with its warm

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Tarragona Tours in Catalonia

Escape the beaten track on a visit to one of the most amazing architectural wonders in Catalonia. A full days tour covering the long history of the oldest of Catalonia’s provinces. Tarragona is a full days tour including

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Terrassa Tours in Catalonia

An eclectic industrial adventure exploring imposing modernism characters such as the great Lluís Muncunill i Perellada. Builder of the town hall and a huge background behind the city development progress. Achieved on

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Vineyard and Penedès Tours in Catalonia

Idyllic Mediterranean vineyards produce a portion of the finest grapes in the world. The Spanish region of Catalonia is renowned for its selection of fine wines with brand names bottled and shipped all over the world.

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