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Once home to one of the most important potassium salt mines in the world the old town of Cardona has origins dating back to the 11th century. A Spanish heritage site containing jewels of the Catalan Lombard Romanesque

period. Includes a castle fortress inhabited at one point by the powerful salt lords of Cardona and a village at the foot of castle which was declared a cultural asset of national interest in 1992. An interesting day tour of Cardona’s history with plenty of photo opportunities. Discover why during the succession war it became a symbol of the last bastion of Catalan freedoms. Plus unique opportunity to look around an originally preserved European medieval fortress.

10 hours
Barcelona to Cardona
Historical area
Natur area

Points of Interest

Salt mine
Cardona Castle
Historic Cardona


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Cardona. A town in Catalonia Spain. The province. Barcelona. Approximately 90 km northwest of the city on a hill almost surrounded by the river Cardoner a branch of the Llobregat. To the east of the town the river has been diverted through a tunnel dug through a spur. Leaving a loop of dry river bed near the salt mine. Sites of interest: Muntanya de Sal. Cardona Castle.
Cardona Castle
Cardona Castle
Cardona Castle
Historic Cardona
Historic Cardona
Parc Cultural De La Muntanya De Sal
Muntanya de Sal
Muntanya de Sal

Cardona Highlights

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