Food & wine in Barcelona

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European destinations pride themselves on culinary individualism and Catalonia’s deep agricultural history and abundant coastline certainly draw it sharply into focus at the forefront of Mediterranean Europe’s culinary gusto. Unleashed in an experience of unique character and combination worthy of admiration our flavorsome venues let you delve into professional preparations prepared by the very best of select artisans in concern to the vibrant Barcelona gastronomic scene. Relish product of notable origin honed to perfection by the time old stories of accompanying tradition and witness delicacies forged in the fires of Barcelona’s capitalistic urban sprawl. Contact us with specifications and receive detailed solutions and guidance.

International cuisine Barcelona

Barcelona specialized dietry

Comfortable solutions for international visitors, fusion dining that addresses the taste of Spain by hand qualified staff in the requested and proper preparation manner. Leave it with us to attend the small, concentrate on the large, be safe in the food mechanics behind the Barcelona adventure, email for more info.

Bacalla Fish tasting in Barcelona


Fish has always been aplenty in the harbors of Barcelona the only problem being unrefrigerated preservation, naturally over the years; cured fish became a specialty. Bacallá (cured cod) added a distinct tang to the local dishes, and a unique Mediterranean flavor emerged and remained, classically set taste touring menu.

Botifarra Spanish sausage tasting


Every European region has its sausage secrets,and in Catalonia, it is the botifarra (a sausage of Roman origin). Entertain Traditional mixtures and recipes on a classic flavor filed tasting tour dedicated to sausage and the consumption of sausage, Barcelona butchers, barbeques, best quality meat eateries and more besides.

Pan con tomate

Bread & Pastry

A bouquet of fresh sweet and savory pastry fill the air on an aromatic tour encountering the inherited recipes of Catalonia. Classic Spanish preparation and ritual contained within in each morsel, support the local industry with the enjoyment of sampling and interest, a european patisserie experience of a high standard.

Cheese Tasting in Barcelona

Cheese Tasting

The Catalonian cheese board represents itself actively amongst the European market, pungent flavors and crisp finishes await the pallet. Regional tours of production or a city cheesemonger visit, access to the product of the finest fromagers of Spain. Flavor based tasting and tour programs, interested parties contact us.

Chocolate Tasting in Barcelona

Chocolate Tasting

Rich dark characteristics combined with technical mastery, Catalonia's confectioners are as innovative as experienced. Walk the production line Theobroma cacao commands on a refined chocolate tour worthy of the great Charlie, show appreciation by consumption and indulge the intricacies of the finished product.

Cooking classes in Barcelona

Cooking classes

The day begins with a trip to the market where the selection of fresh Mediterranean ingredients become the first task. Enter the kitchen of a professional Mediterranean chef for an insightful lesson on the local cuisine tradition. Touch, taste, smell, hear the food at the source, learn to clean and prepare distinct sensations.

Craft Beer Tasting in Barcelona

Craft Beer Tasting

Brewpubs and microbreweries are old news, some came, some went, and the Catalonian brew scene is no exception. Established on-trend city haunts designed to open the taste bud to tested craft concoctions, competitive beers of world stage competition. Castilian craft microbrewery orations and bountiful taste sessions.

Fortified Wine in Barcelona

Fortified Wine Tasting

The original reason for fortified wine was to preserve, and the result made it both sweeter and much much stronger. Currently experiencing a revival, we provide the opportunity to explore the natural production methods of, per instance, brandy, vermouth, port or vintage sherry. Earthy alcohol and wood barrel scented.

Honey Tasting in Barcelona

Honey & Codonyat Tasting

Natural medicines, containing antiallergic properties combined and refined flavors harvested by honeybees trained in local flora and fauna. A hive of activity on a busy bee production and taste tour, support the surplus and purchase the bee's crop so they may afford more keepers to tend their needs, help the bees succeed.

Olive Oil in Barcelona

Olive Oil Tasting

Olives generated by trees that have existed beyond two thousand years harvested merely once a year to produce an elegant product. Virgin olive oil science in combination art flavor, voyage inside the constant past, reliable, regular, robust. Oil and vinegar tasting with tapas preparations including local water-alcohol refreshment list.

La boqueria market Fruit tasting Barcelona

Organic Fruit tasting

Handpicked fresh ripe fruits and vegetables farmed in the famed Catalonian sunshine. Feel the benefit of a healthy Mediterranean diet with a touring and tasting experience deep in the heart of regional farming communities. Encounter local organic produce at the source and sample its traditions orally, light breakfast recommended.

Picnic and Catering in Barcelona

Picnics & Catering

A promise to provide food services in any legitimate and available location our team is employed to achieve the impossible, mountaintop menus, onboard banquets, split timed special moments in the med. Classic banquets, family reunions, what is flavoring without sense? Professional clean, discreet operations.

Restaurant reseravations in Barcelona

Restaurant reservation

Remove the guesswork from selecting the right host venue and let us validate the judgment prearrival, with so much spam online it is often difficult to tell quality from well-advertised. We will book the event in advance, provide the menu literature, and take care of the logistics. Large party catering or intimate dining experiences.

Traditional Cured Meats in Barcelona

Traditional Cured Meats

Jamon Iberico, fuet, and chorizo to name the few have been part of a steady Mediterranean diet throughout the ages. Taste deep dark cured flavors first-hand and book a Barcelona professional carver for lunch, visit farms or venture out on vintage market trips to rural Catalonia on a fabulous flavorsome cured meat expedition.

Turron tasting Barcelona


Traditionally an almond based treat turron now takes many modern forms and remains a firm favorite at Spanish special occasions. The history and evolution of Catalan confectionary presented alongside sweet tasting menus from inside legendary sweetie-shop venues, perfect for the sweet-toothed traveler.

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