Team Building workshops in Barcelona

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Challenge based programs designed to impose synergetic harmony, emphatic tasks born of success professionally cleared and executed by our most trusted vetted partners. Choose? How far you prepared? survival-based tasks cooperative challenges, workshopping, tricky puzzles, purposed play, away day planning and incent scenarios that reward more than cash. Memories last quarters winners become the legend, contact via email or call us directly; opening hours apply, we may have some questions for you if you are not too sure on your spec, suggestions qualified.

Barcelona Sailing Regatta

Barcelona Sailing Regatta

Learn the sailing basics at an exclusive Barcelona sailing club before competing in a race through the Mediterranean sea assisted by a fully licensed Captain. Putting you firmly in control of the natural elements this wild water ride is an adrenaline rush from start to finish, Working together is the only way forward, strength and determination prevail.

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

Barcelona Treasure Hunt

Discover the medieval city on a highly interactive and adventurous treasure hunt involving the answering of questions and the solving of cryptic clues in concern of the old town of Barcelona. Gather the answers and guide the team to win the game in a race across the landscape, and discover the location of the winners' reward, precious treasure.

Beach Games in Barcelona

Beach Games

Competition commences on the Mediterranean coastline of Catalonia, skill, physical, mental and mystery options as well as classic beach games. Machines, mechanics football, volleyball, and frisbee, we can discuss whats on trend this season and furnish you further with information if the beach is the preferred scenery, email for advice.

Escape room in Barcelona

Escape room Barcelona

Made famous by various tv outlets the escape game continues to challenge and evolve, enquire into the latest openings and revamps. If you're not familiar with the product, it is a themed room from which you and your team will be forced to escape by solving an array of mysterious clues, if interest a scenario list can be made available.

Gaudi Style Mosaic Making activity in Barcelona

Gaudi-Style Mosaic Making Activity

A history lesson in the art of mosaic making combined into a team design competition, start thinking of an emblem or company motto to realize in this skilled task. Work as a team to win over the judges with the intricacy of your handicraft skills, larger than life play day activity with a touch of the great master Antoni Gaudi for inspiration.

Giant Painting activity in Barcelona

Giant Painting Activity

Art is not a natural team sport, meaning you will have to plan out your vision carefully, and this particular painting won't be going on the fridge unless your house is massive, in which case I apologize. Create something worthy of Renaissance Europe or more to the likening of works by small children, talent or not, an encompassing competition.

Human Tower Building Barcelona

Human Tower Building

The only UNESCO world heritage tradition on the list, first documented in 1801 the art of "Castell" human tower building. A robust Catalan tradition maintained to this day, train with the professionals to make it to the top of this enduring physical challenge, a great sense of comradery is the gift that keeps on giving, free with every experience.

Murder Mystery Games in Barcelona

Murder Mystery Games

A classic game format played out on the mean streets of Barcelona, Period characters from times past, solve the riddles and clues to the puzzle. Forensic fun for the puzzlers as murder mayhem unfolds and evolves in front of your very eyes. Crosswords and coarse scenery, unpick the lies to decipher the bloody truth from the foulest of play.

Paella cooking in Barcelona

Paella Cooking Contest

Step into the pressure cooker and feel the heat in the kitchen with a culinary challenge in the traditional Mediterranean style, are you capable of the skill and dedication it takes to be a Master Chef. Coordination is key to success in a contest of cooking intelligence. We can consider other dishes on request enquire into the achievable.

Raft Building and Racing activity in Barcelona

Raft Build Race

A modern take on a primeval problem, crossing water with no time to build a structural bridge, making flotation the only possible way forward. A highly competitive days experience from bank to bank including full instruction and safety briefing. A sink or float adventure on the waterways of Barcelona. Rise competently to the challenge.

Tactical games in Barcelona

Cityscape Tactical Games Barcelona

The city is the board, live the game on the narrow Barcelona streets encountering larger than life characters along the way and crossing paths at crucial moments in the game. Deliver the vital cargo to the destination in the quickest time without injury to prevail as the leading team. More details available at your discretion, the least known the better.

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